Practice Areas

Family Law

Thoughtful and experienced family law providers

Divorce Mediation

We work with you to achieve the best results for you family

Child Support

Working with you to get back payments and settlements plus initiating child support actions and amounts


Even the best among us sometimes needs legal help in ensuring a fair outcome of the separation of assets. We will work with you to achieve fair and equitable results.


Life can present many different avenues and there are times when reassessing decisions requires legal help

Legal Separation

This initial step can lead to many different avenues later on. Make sure you are in good hands at the beginning of this process.


Ensuring the safety and well-being of children is the most important thing we do and strive to handle all cases involving children with the utmost care – plus we can provide this service to at risk or susceptible adults in need of guardianship as well


We are nimble in our approach and able to navigate the sometimes murky waters of probate court

Child Custody

This can be the most emotionally challenging law practice – we are here for your family throughout this process

Sealing Records

Pardons, expungements and the sealing of records

Estate Planning

Including trusts and wills, we can help ensure your finances and property are in order